Life gives you Lemons… make Lemon Oil?!?!

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…so you will soon be able to buy your very own Stringit & Strumit Lemon Oil, which can be used to clean and protect your ukulele fretboard in one fell swoop!

Widely regarded as the best way to clean and condition unfinished fretboards, Lemon Oil is now seen as the go to oil for treating the fingerboards of many stringed instruments, in particular the good old uke!

Use our Lemon Oil to clean the dirt, dust and grime from between and around the ukulele frets – rejuvenate faded wood grain on tired and pale looking fretboards, nourish the unfinished wood, replace lost oils and help to prevent sun fading, drying and cracking in the future.

Our Lemon Oil is carefully formulated for the task in hand. Blended from the finest quality natural oils, using no solvents (which can damage your ukulele), this Lemon Oil is perfect for looking after your unfinished fingerboards.

Keep an eye on the blog or pop into the workshop to find out more and when our Lemon Oil will be available for purchase.

 Fretboard Lemon Oil Brighton

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