Ukulele Set-Up

Ukulele Set-Up £35

This covers ukuleles with a standard nut & bridge.

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Available now at the Stringit & Strumit workshop, I can set up your new ukulele for you. Have you recently been given a ukulele as a gift? Just ordered a new ukulele online? Does it need a little tweaking to get it just right?

Bring your ukulele down to the workshop in Brighton and I’ll be able to check all the frets are level, smooth them over and lower the string action if needed, clean and treat the fretboard making your ukulele nice and playable 🙂

  • Levelling the frets can remove buzzing sounds heard when fretting your ukulele and also help to improve intonation along the length of the fretboard. Smoothing the frets will make your ukulele more playable, taking off any snagging fret-ends and smoothing over the domed surfaces.
  • Lowering the action on a ukulele will aid with playing, making strumming easier and finger-style playing (picking) a more pleasurable experience. If you find that your ukulele intonation is sharp at the top of the fretboard, the action will need to be lowered at the nut as well.
  • Clean and condition the fretboard with a coat of S&S very own ukulele fretboard treatment (with natural lemon oil), it will clean and replenish lost oils from the wood of the ukulele fretboard. This treatment will rejuvenate the wood, preventing loose frets and enhancing the original colour and wood grain.