The Buskbox & Bassbox from STRINGIT & STRUMIT

This sleek, compact and durable little device could revolutionise your street performance or busking – simply plug it into your amp and stomp away.

v1.0 The Buskbox – Play it under-foot, loosen the lid to get a different sound, or take it one step beyond – because the more delicate internal workings of The Buskbox are enclosed in metal casing, you can open the unit up and fill it with all sorts of grains, beads, bells, etc (sand not recommended). Giving you a next-generation electrified Maraca!

The Buskbox V1.0

The Buskbox V1.0

v2.0 The Bassbox – Designed purely as a bass-full stompbox. Place it on the floor, plug it in and tap with your foot as if it were a kick drum pedal. Listen to the thump you get from this pocket monster!

Buskbox V2.0 (Bassbox)

The Buskbox V2.0 (Bassbox)

Individually hand built from durable Aluminium stompbox enclosures, these lightweight additions to your gig bag will really grab the attention of any crowd.

“Is that enormous sound coming from that little box?”

Put either of these through an EQ, sampler, looper or any other electrical audio wizardry and you can have some real fun. Mind you don’t blow an amp!

The Buskbox and The Bassbox are only available exclusively from STRINGIT & STRUMIT.

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