Handmade Ukuleles UK

Stringit & Strumit offer a variety of handmade ukuleles from the workshop on the UK South Coast.

The perfect gift for any ukulele player, handcrafted from native and exotic hardwoods, up-cycled materials, the finest machineheads and hardware – brought together to create a personally customised, handmade ukulele made in the UK.

Stringit & Strumit - Handmade custom ukuleles

A varied selection of exotic and native hardwood, chosen specifically for the purpose of musical instrument making. Walnut, Spruce, Cedar, Oak, Ebony, Purpleheart, Maple, Sycamore, Pear to name just a few of the wood choices available for a handmade ukulele from Stringit & Strumit (handmade in the UK).

STRINGIT & STRUMIT | Handmade ukuleles & ukulele accessories | Brighton

Handmade ukuleles from up-cycled materials are also available from Stringit & Strumit. Using cigar boxes to create the body of the ukulele, a neck, fretboard, bridge and machineheads are fitted to create a bohemian style Handmade Cigar Box Ukulele.

These can also be customised to the desires and taste of the ukulele player, choices of headstock veneer, celluloid binding, metal corners, speed knobs and strap pegs, give you infinite possibilities to customise your handmade cigar box ukulele.

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