Custom Ukuleles UK

Stringit & Strumit create and sell handmade ukuleles, cigar-box ukuleles, other instruments and ukulele accessories. Hand built tenor and concert scale ukuleles, made from locally sourced,  reclaimed tonewood and up-cycled materials are a speciality.


Using both historic and modern tools and techniques, Stringit & Strumit design and build beautifully handcrafted ukuleles. Working with contemporary and traditional hardware and tonewood for all instrument making, where possible and quality permits, materials are sourced locally and/or reclaimed.

Stringit & Strumit - Handmade custom tenor ukuleles & concert scale cigarbox ukuleles

The studio which is found upstairs within the main building of the Open Market in Brighton (East Sussex – UK), is both a shop and workshop. Please feel free to come in and see what’s being built or worked on, browse the ukulele accessories and parts for sale or just come in the workshop for a chat and some advice.

Stringit & Strumit are very keen to involve the local community in exploring this heritage craft.

Stringit & Strumit - Handmade custom ukuleles