Cigar Box Ukuleles

Stringit & Strumit create and sell unique, one of a kind, cigar box ukuleles. Custom designed with bespoke decoration, these cigar box ukuleles can be played both acoustically or plugged in to an amp and played as an electric ukulele.

The perfect electric travel ukulele, hand crafted from upcycled cedar wood cigar boxes. The original cigar box is strengthened, then taken through a detailed sanding process and oiled to produce the unique finish.

Available in both tenor and concert ukulele size, with various decorated corners, binding and soundholes – these cigar box ukuleles can be customised to make the perfect gift.

The S&S studio which is found upstairs within the main building of the Open Market in Brighton (East Sussex – UK), is both a shop and workshop. Please feel free to come in and see what’s being built or worked on, browse the ukulele accessories and parts for sale or just come in the workshop for a chat and some advice.