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You can now book your ukulele in for any repair services available from Stringit & Strumit. Choose a service, then select the time slot that suits you best. Pay online with PayPal or debit/credit card. Then simply bring your uke down to the workshop in time for your appointment.

Custom Bone Nut: Has the nut from your ukulele worn down so much the slots are loose or has it even “disappeared”? Then you’ll need a new one. Bring back the tone and sustain in your uke with a new custom nut.

Custom Bone Saddle: Saddles can over time develop slots where the strings sit, they can become worn and flat, this will mute or dull the sound of your ukulele. Buzzing at the lower end of the fretboard can also be a sign that the action is too low, this would need a new saddle insert.

Fretboard Clean/Treat: Over time the natural oils dry out from the hardwood of your ukulele fretboard, they also get pretty grungy. Choose this service to have your fretboard cleaned and treated to replace those lost oils and reinvigorate your ukulele’s fretboard.

Lower Action: Is the string height on your ukulele just a bit too high, it usually is on most shop bought ukes or ones purchased on the internet. Have your ukulele action set just right for your playing, making it easier for you to play.

Re-String Ukulele: Bring back the vibrant tone of your ukulele and make it sing again, with a fresh set of Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings. With a bright tone, hard-wearing and renowned stability – find out what Fluorocarbon can do for your ukulele.

Strap & Peg Fitting: Do you find it hard to hold your uke just right? Maybe a strap would help. Book it in to have a strap peg fitted to the bottom of the ukulele and you’ll also get a soft black webbing strap for your uke to boot!

Ukulele Setup: See this page for more about the ukulele set-up service.

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